No drama on Deadline Day

Quiet deadline day is a solid, reassuring sign for all Liverpool fans.

There are two kinds of quiet deadline day. The first kind is the type that fills fans with dread and anger. It’s the sort of day which sees hours of radio silence punctuated by EFL updates and unhelpful glimmers of hope that leave fans stomping their feet in rage. There must have been a lot of that in North London and Manchester today.

The second kind is the type of blissful tranquillity all fans and club directors should aspire to. It’s a day when you can sit back after a productive few weeks with all of your business concluded. It’s the kind of day Liverpool fans haven’t had too often, I hope you all enjoyed hitting refresh with a peaceful, relaxing brew!

Right sign

In all seriousness, for Liverpool to be in this situation is yet another positive reminder of the great work done by Klopp, Edwards and FSG over the past twelve months.

In fact it’s a sign that the club is now once again operating like a top club. It’s all a very far cry from deadline day on 31st August 2010 when Roy Hodgson offered Lucas, Babel and a free bus pass for the services of Carlton Cole. Memories.

The fact that Liverpool could neither attract nor fund moves for the continent’s top talent was a bitter pill to swallow for the fans. A glance at some if the squads in the post Rafa – Pre Klopp era left many of us wincing. Reinforcements were desperately needed and seldom came. Alberto and Aspas did though.


Liverpool are a different club now in so many ways. Their rapid, confident business done this summer has seen the squad bolstered in key areas, with real investment in the playing staff arriving at last.

You can certainly make a valid argument for two or three positions that needed reinforcing, but you get the feeling Klopp is content. Upgrades in midfield, attack, defence and between the sticks have all been brought in, we should all be delighted to be honest.

Thinning the heard

Perhaps the only dissapointing aspect of today was that several dead wood players are still at the club and on the wage bill.

Mingolet, Markovic, Ings and Origi all looked set to leave and recoup some coin for the coffers. At the time of writing this still hasn’t happened. Danny Ings to Southampton is still possible according to some sources, but we shall have to wait for European clubs to make a move on some of the others.

Either way it is not crucial for this to happen. The likes of Grujic or Origi could well prove useful squad members for the cups, if they’re willing to sit on the bench that is.

Either way, the deadline has come and gone. No drama, no mad dash for dodgy, panic buys, and all good business secured weeks ago. We could get used to this!

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