Good luck Danny

Liverpool forward Ings set to depart

A fan base will take to a player who puts a shift in. They will also get behind an underdog, especially when they have received some rotten luck. Danny Ings is the personification of all three.

The Winchester born England forward looks set to depart liverpool this summer. His reds career over before it could truly get started.

The popular forward is after more first team football, something the club simply cannot offer him. It is however something he’d be guaranteed at almost any other club outside the top six.


One anterior cruciate knee ligament injury is bad enough, to do a similar injury barely a year later is bloody cruel.

The two debilitating injuries have no doubt taken much from Ing’s game and have been a plague on his time at the club. He has played just twenty-five games in three seasons, hardly a fair run of form for the striker.

Open arms

Ings is quick across the ground and a hardworking runner. He isn’t bad in front of goal either and could operate well in a front two or at the spearhead of an attack.

If given a good run, he could get a decent club a fair return of goals and one of the many sides who were looking over their shoulders nervously last season could do a lot worse than take a punt on Ings.

He should be welcomed with open arms by most clubs outside the top six and could even do a job as a squad player for us next season. He craves first team football though and few could blame him given the wretched time he has had at Liverpool.

The fact that Klopp is reportedly keen to keep him for his squad next season is testament to the kind of great pro Ings is. He does lack that crucial lick of quality though and you’d worry if he had to play in a serious Premier League or Champions League clash.

Wherever he ends up, he deserves a run and some luck at last. It would be great to see him get an England cap again and show everyone his true ability once more. Football can be cruel, but fans also love a redemption story. Ings could personify that one day too.


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