A look at the fringe

The debt owed to Liverpool by Alberto Moreno is significant. For those of us who cannot forgive his sabotage of the 2016 Europa League Final, there is not much Moreno could do to redeem himself aside from scoring a title winning goal.

Be that as it may, Moreno is still at Liverpool. Their efforts to sell him last summer were met by a half hearted approach by Watford, a damming ine indictment if ever there was one. But he does offer something of huge vale to Klopp’s Reds. It may be his saving grace.

Good going forward

It was one of the lazy justifications for six years of mistakes by Glen Johnson at Anfield. The full back would usually meet his quota of annual errors, often with a surplus. However some fans would shrug blankly and point to the odd goal or cross as evidence of his Cafu-like abilities going forward. Cafu he certainly wasn’t.

And so it is with Alberto Moreno to an extent. The left back has been erratic and error prone since day one. But unlike old Glenn, he isn’t actually so bad going forward. He is bloody rapid and has a decent left foot.

Faster and more menacing than Johnson ever was, the left back is often seen bombing forward, cheeks puffing. This overlapping enthusiasm though is often at the expense of his defensive duties and he lacks the discipline and balance in the position that Andy Robertson has demonstrated so well. It is his undoing.


We have been here before as a football club with Moreno. The Spaniard has just greatly impressed in a friendly against Napoli, grabbing a goal and some deserved praise for his contribution in the rout.

However, this time last season, Moreno did a similar thing. Impressing in a pre-season friendly against Munich he was duly thrown back in to the first team. This won’t happen again in all probability, but it now looks likely the Spaniard will stay.

His pace is a great asset, as is his willingness to join attacks from the left flank. He could come in handy as an impact player in certain matches where opposition players are playing 4-6-0 and frustrating our attacks.

Moreno coming on and charging against tiring legs is the last thing that defenders will want to see. That kind if running and overlapping could easily create that crucial bit of space to open a side up. Nothing to be sniffed at.

He is no defender for sure, but if he could put his mind to it, there is that something he could offer Liverpool this season. However he is surely now very much in the last chance saloon.

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