Reds Business concluded?

Most sources close to the club are claiming with confidence that Liverpool and Klopp have concluded their summer dealings. The squad is said to be near enough complete. However Liverpool fans have all grown up in fear of a dreaded, almost inevitable, injury crisis.

The transfers done so far this summer have gone some way to insulating the squad, should/when, our fortune buckles.

Our current strength throughout the ranks is as strong as it’s been in the Premier League era. However a couple of key positions do look a little flimsy.

Joel Matip’s ongoing injury malaise effectively rules him out as a reliable squad member. Gomez too has had his problems.

Liverpool’s luck could quite easily see both defenders out at the same time at key moments of the season. This nightmare scenario leaves just Van Dijk, Klavan and Lovren, again, all three have had concerns in the past and must not be played in to the ground this season.

Left back also looks vulnerable with Moreno no doubt licking his lips at the prospect of more sabotage. Robbo needs a better deputy, of that there can be little debate.

Salvation from Spurs?

Wild rumours have cascaded from North London all day, as news broke that they are likely to sell in numbers before they can buy anyone this summer.

That new stadium of their’s is proving costly and some financial compensation must be made.

Interestingly two players who could provide useful service to Liverpool are said to be available. Either one of Toby Alderwiereld or Danny Rose could be massively beneficial to us this season.

Alderwiereld on his day is a top class centre back. His injury problems last season have seen him fall down the pecking order at Spurs though and a number of clubs are said to be circling.

If Liverpool could nip in and get him for a decent fee, he could be nursed through a season and ultimately get plenty of game time. There are no questions about his quality, the issue would likely be in the willingness of Spurs to sell to a rival.

Its the same with Danny Rose. The England left back, linked to Wolves, would not necessarily be coming in as first choice. Spurs again would be unlikely to be jumping for joy at the prospect of selling to Liverpool.

Andy Robertson is one of the best value for money signings in Liverpool’s history. The left back is a crucial first team player, but again you worry about him playing too much in Klopp’s high pressing game.

Rose could come in and provide excellent depth and assured quality. Moreno is too much of a risk and really shouldn’t be earning a living at Liverpool anymore. Rose is an upgrade and, if available, could even play some games as a left sided centre half.

All of this is of course, is probably wishful thinking. But Liverpool will likely still have one eye on the marketplace. Availability could change everything in these last few days. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time Liverpool have been bluffing this summer. Just ask Danny Ward…

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