Liverpool must buck a nasty trend

Liverpool’s first game of the new Premier League season will see them face off with West Ham United at Anfield.

It will be a poignant reminder of the reverse fixture from early on in the 2014-15 campaign. Liverpool went to Upton Park and suffered a 3-1 defeat at the hands of a grim, direct West Ham team led by Sam Allardyce.

Fergie’s Igor did what his vile teams do best. Long balled to death, Liverpool were miserably beaten.

So early in a season we all hoped would yield so much, it was painfully obvious the club had once again buckled under the pressure of expectation. Poor players were still costing us, and it was clear the title challenge of the previous campaign would not happen again that year.

History must stop repeating itself

This is not the first campaign in the Premier League era that Liverpool fans have high hopes. 2002-3, 2005-6, 2009-10 and 2014-15 were all seasons the supporters dared to dream. Its the hope that kills you!

This year though, there really can be little excuse. Klopp must instill vital resolve in his players to gear them up for a campaign in which the pressure will be cranked.

That night at Upton Park was so hard to take because it was so obvious that the club had done nothing to address their weaknesses. Mingolet flapped, Skytel lost his man and Liverpool cowered after an early setback. It was all so routine.

This summer though, it can at least be said that Liverpool have taken some big steps in addressing their concerns. It has been duly noted by others and the comments linking Liverpool with a title challenge are growing by the day.

Snide remarks aplenty by pundits and mangers willing us to fail. The pressure already feels huge.

Plenty of anger

The players will not be allowed to falter in their application or contribution. Klopp has told them to be angry, to use it like fuel in their matches.

The players have plenty to be angry about. This group of talented reds is yet to win a trophy and has lost three finals. They need to come together and fight in each game ad they did against City and Roma last season in the Champions League. No game can be dismissed as straight forward, everyone will turn up against us.

Teams will park the bus and try any trick in the book to do us over. No doubt, any set back will be gobbled up with glee by the media and their 24 hour coverage.

Liverpool must overcome it all. Let’s not forget the 68 injury per season quota.

Our fans know better than most that no sides do you any real favours in a title race. If Liverpool are to challenge then they must dig deep, find that anger and extra yard which has been lacking for so long.

It would be a football tragedy for a team as talented as this to take two steps back again this season. It won’t be easy or fun at times, but Liverpool must buck the trend and find a way.

The manager has spoken today about fighting for trophies. Liverpool fans should rest assured, he will make sure the players are fighting for everything this season as they look to build on the work the German has done..

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