American Blues

Liverpool 1 -3 Dortmund

Liverpool suffer disappointing day in Charlotte

In the first clash of Liverpool’s pre-season run in America, The Reds suffered a 1-3 defeat at the hands of Borussia Dortmund.

At this stage the results are not a top priority, but it was a dissapointing day for Liverpool nonetheless. An injury, poor finishing and another bad day at the office for Loris Karius were three of the major talking points.

Matip is an issue

This transfer window has been fruitful for Liverpool to say the very least. However for those of us who want to see another centre-half brought in, it looks as though we are going to be left wanting.

And yet at the Bank of America Stadium, there was another exhibition of the frailty the club currently has at the back. Joel Matip is made of glass and cannot be relied on as a serious member of the squad.

Suffering a suspected tear, Matip could miss the rest of preseason and therefore the start of the season. Given the need to rest Lovren after his busy summer, this leaves us short.  Yet another injury to Matip is concerning and we simply cannot live in hope that he will survive injury free for long enough to make an impact.

Perhaps this will force Klopp’s hand. You cannot win anything with a weak back four. Van Dijk will need to be rested from time to time as well, so it will be with interest that we watch the remaining days of the transfer window.

Bad finishing

This was a game Liverpool really shouldn’t have lost. We dominated possession, looked a lot sharper in midfield and created several real chances.

Ojo and Solanke in particular were guilty of wasting a chance each in which they simply had to score. Neither miss bodes well for the youngsters trying to break into Klopp’s side.

Again, at this stage the chances missed are not too concerning as most of the senior forwards are still being brought back into the fold. One real positive was the sheer number of chances created. Kieta, Milner and Moreno all had plenty of joy in opening up the Dortmund lines as Liverpool dominated.

Karius continues to struggle

The German ‘keeper cannot shake off the mistakes. He looks nervous and indecisive which is alarming, even with Alisson safely secured last week.

Karius might have his new colleague on the mind, which may also explain his early kick out which went straight to an opposing player. On another day you’re punished there, but he got lucky as Dortmund fluffed their lines.

He wasn’t so lucky late on, as Liverpool chased an equalizer and we’re opened up on the left. Pulisic’s shot was palmed poorly, straight to the onrushing attackers who gobbled the chance up to make it 1-3.

It was another poor showing of technique and awareness from Karius, who at this stage, looks a liability as a back-up.

Pulisic exhibition

A word on Christian Pulisic for Dortmund. In a tepid performance from the German side, Pulisic was their one bright spark.

His movement was clever and aggressive, causing problems for any back four let alone our patched up back line.  He took his second goal superbly and was key to everything Dortmund did.

The American is a real talent and would be a natural fit to Klopp’s squad and high press. This author has been keen on the club making a move for a while. It’s only a matter of time before the big boys go after him.

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