Big Summer for Harry Wilson

Should we be believing the hype?

There has been a larger than usual amount talked about Liverpool youngster Harry Wilson this summer. After an eye catching spell with Hull City and his involvement with the Welsh National team, is this finally the season Liverpool fans will see him in the first team?

His style is well suited to Klopp’s way of playing. With the squad stretched at times last season, we could certainly use some fresh legs for the forth coming campaign.  Wilson though will have a fight on his hands for a first team role.

On the scene for a while

Although just twenty-one, Wilson has been a hot prospect in Liverpool’s reserve set up for a while now. He made headlines way back in 2013, when he became the club’s youngest ever international at sixteen years and two hundred and eight days. He has been getting impressive headlines ever since.

However, it was his goal scoring, free flowing approach while on loan in the Championship last season which really turned heads. His seven goal haul in thirteen games on tells half the story. Clearly benefiting from the set up now rooted in by Klopp’s staff, Wilson showed real aggression, breaking from deep with quality running, and causing general chaos with the clever movement he’s blessed with.


If this ability can transfer up a few gears to the Premier League maelstrom of a top four hunt, then it will be a real bonus to all involved in the youngsters development.

First team hopes

Liverpool and more importantly, Herr Klopp, appear to be in no rush to blunder in to the transfer market this summer. There is money yes, but the prudence shown with Nabil Fekir demonstrates the club’s willingness to be be selective.  They will not throw money at players who a not suitable, and there will certainly be no repeat of the Balotelli fiasco of 2014.

However, the move for Fekir proves Klopp is aware that there is a hole in his squad that will need filling. Wilson will have a decent chance to break through the lines ahead of him this summer. Klopp is known to shy away from the tradition “big” signings and much prefers to work with the squad and develop players where possible. Wilson may match this criteria.

His exposure to the methods of the German and his natural game mean he is a good match. However some caution is certainly required when it comes to youngsters dubbed the next big thing.

Tough challenge

We all purred and marveled in November 2016 as Ben Woodburn tapped in against Leeds United to become the club’s youngest ever goal scorer, just a weeks after his seventeenth birthday.  It appeared we had a gem on our hands.


This great start though has seen only a few smatterings of first team opportunities follow. The teenager has often found himself on the edge of Klopp’s first team.  Woodburn is still certainly in contention, but with the squad stretched with appalling injury luck last season, Woodburn was nowhere to be seen, which doesn’t bode well.

Wilson, three years older than his fellow Welsh international, may face a similar issue. Having played only twenty five games in his senior career thus far, he needs match time urgently.

If he is even half the player we all hope he is, then he has a reasonable shout at the first team. If not, then a loan move to the Premier League is surely the next best option.

An impressive host of Champion clubs came forth last week, to enquire about his services. No fewer than twelve to be exact. While the Championship has served him well thus far, surely it’s better for both Liverpool and the young winger if he gets a shot at some Premier League football. Whether that’s in red or elsewhere, perhaps only the summer will tell us, either way, it will be with huge interest that we all watch out for Harry Wilson this summer.

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