Mo signs

Salah pens five year deal

Headline news for all Liverpool fans today saw Mohamed Salah pen a new five year deal with the club. There are apparently no horrible clauses involved either (cough Can cough) giving Liverpool fans real encouragement that Salah is here to stay.

At the very least, the contract gives up some insulation from the snide antics of Barcelona and Real Madrid.  If they want him, they know they will have to pay a likely world record transfer fee for the golden boot winner

Show of intent
“We want world-class talent to see they have a home at Anfield where they can fulfil all their professional dreams and ambitions—we are working hard together to achieve this.

Jurgen Klopp’s words will have gone down well with every Liverpool today as he spoke to the club’s official website about the deal.

For almost two decades Liverpool have lost their best players to predatory manipulation from the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Steve McManaman walked out on us for nothing on the eve of Houllier’s era. He started a trend which has carried on as recently as January when Coutinho left the club after months of debilitating artificial back pain. The club has very much been seen as a stepping stone in recent years.  Klopp looks like he would like this to change.

For Liverpool to have Salah, as well as the core of Klopp’s squad tied down to new, long term deals is truly encouraging. It’s a real signal of intent. We want to challenge consistently. We cannot do it with a steady flow of our best players leaving.


Liverpool fans though must stay grounded. Contacts are no longer guaranteed documents holding a player to a club.

Luis Suarez was on a long term deal with Liverpool when he finally got his transfer to Barcelona. Coutinho was also on a sizeable contract when the Catalans began their dark arts of unsettling other club’s players.


Salah is one of the best players in world football right now and will be on any club’s radar. He is unlikely to ever down tools like certain other players, but it the trophy drought continues he may well find his head turned.

Positives all around

A glance at Klopp’s squad is now very reassuring. He has the key players to his system committed to the club. It’s a wonderful affirmation of his work so far. Players want to work for him and, crucially they feel they can achieve things at the club.

We just need some tweaking in a couple of positions, and some cover for the front three, and we are nearly there. Mo has been a joy to watch so far and the prospect of five more years of the Eygptian King is genuinely thrilling.

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